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Andrew was called by the Lord. We, too, are called by the Lord. We carry the name of the Lord. We are all Christians.

And yet, why is it that Andrew is a saint and we are not? So many others have been called like Andrew, so many others have become successors of the Apostles—bishops, priests, and deacons, like Andrew—yet, why is it that Andrew is a saint and most of them are not?

There are three things that made Andrew a saint. First, when he was called by the Lord, he answered promptly. Immediately, without any excuses, without any hesitation, without any second thoughts.

We have been called by God, we have been challenged by God to do good. We have been challenged by God to apologize. We have been challenged by God to reach out. And yet, we do not do so instantly and immediately. Instead, we come up with shallow excuses.

The second thing about Andrew’s response to the call of God is that he answered gladly. Many of us answer immediately, but we answer grudgingly or stingily. We answer with a heavy heart, with reluctance. We answer, but we reserve things to ourselves.

Andrew is a saint because he answered immediately and gladly.

The third thing about Andrew is that, not only did he answer immediately and gladly, but he also answered all the way. It is very easy to answer for just a week; it is very easy to commit only for one month. But nowadays, do people still say the words “forever and ever”? Can people still say, “forever”? Can people still commit to a “forever”? That is what makes Andrew a holy man. He answered God’s call immediately, gladly, and all the way.

We all have a calling to follow Jesus. We are called day by day, moment by moment, to do something good, to turn away from evil, to avoid temptation, to reach out, and to follow Him. Let us do it now, gladly, and all the way.

Mt 1:19-22
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