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I think many of the troubles in families and relationships can be avoided if all of us are given the ability to be mind-readers. If we can read people’s minds, then there would be no need to communicate because we would act according to what we read in other people’s minds.

On the contrary, many of our troubles, heartaches, and misunderstandings arise because we presume that others know our needs, even if we do not express them. Thus, resentment, resistance, and the desire for revenge build up within us because we presume that the other party knows what we need but is unwilling to give it to us.

Wives simmer inside about something they want from their husbands but don’t say anything. Priests want their fellow priests to invite them for a day off, but they do not say anything. Children need something from their parents, and they start to grumble and become irritable and make a scene without saying what they want, presuming that their parents should anticipate their every need and desire.

Paul underwent the same crisis. Paul knew that his companions were not mind readers, and when he needed them, he said, “Send somebody over here.” When he needed them, he told them, “Send somebody over here because the only person with me is Luke, and I need more help.”

There is nothing wrong with recognizing that we need somebody. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging that we need a companion. There is nothing wrong with saying that you need somebody to listen to your problems because your peace offering has been rejected. There is nothing wrong with asking somebody to listen to you. The problem is we want our friends to be mind readers. We want them to act according to our mind’s needs, but we do not express it.

There is nothing wrong with needing; there is nothing wrong with asking for help. There is something wrong if you presume that your desire for help is known and you do not express it.

Mind Readers
2 Tim 4:10-17b
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