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The Gospel speaks of two things. The first is about miracles and the second is about repentance. If you follow the Gospel, each miracle that is performed is actually an invitation to repentance. Each time you see a miracle, that is an invitation for you to be converted and have a change of heart.

There are some of us who say that the era of miracles has passed. We do not see miracles any longer. What is a miracle? A miracle is an extraordinary event without a natural, a physical explanation. If you follow that definition, you will also discover that when the sun rises in the morning and sets in the afternoon, that is also a miracle. There is no explanation for it, we have just gotten used to it. On the contrary, when the sun does not rise in the morning, and does not set in the afternoon, we do not consider that a miracle because it is far from the ordinary. No. The real miracle is that the sun rises and it sets. The real miracle is that a baby is born. The real miracle is that we are breathing. The real miracle is that you can hear me and I can see you. These are the real miracles because there is no explanation for these things. The doctors can give us an explanation on how these happen; but the real, ultimate explanation can only be traced to God, who makes everything possible.

What am I trying to say? I am saying that the era of miracles is not gone. We still have miracles. The fact is that the miracles have become so ordinary that we do not consider them miracles anymore. Following logic, therefore, when you see the sun rising, that is an invitation to change your heart. When you see the sun setting, that is an invitation to change your wicked ways. When you see a human person being born; when you see somebody talking to somebody, a miracle is taking place. And every time we see a miracle, let us bow down our heads and say, “Lord, I want to change some more.

Lk 4:40
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