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We are presented with two leaders, both of them are very great. The first leader is Moses; the second is Peter. Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt.

Peter was the first Pope. Both were chosen by God; both are great men in history. Yet their greatness is diminished when both are scolded by no less than God Himself.

Moses was scolded for a very simple matter. There was no water, and God told him to strike the rock once, and water would spring forth from the rock. Moses was doubtful. So he struck the rock twice, and out came water. But God became angry with this and told him, “You did that twice because you were lacking in faith, and because of your lack of faith, you will not see the Promised Land.” Moses was punished because of his lack of faith.

Peter was also scolded because after professing that Jesus is the Messiah of God, he became a stumbling block for others.

These were two great men, two leaders in Salvation History, and they were scolded because of their human weakness, their human limitations.

Let us pray for our leaders, not only for the leaders in the Church but for all leaders: the bosses in the company, the principals in the schools, the owners of businesses, and people to whom we report. Let us pray that when we see the limitations of our leaders, our loyalty to God may not be diminished, and our faithfulness to God may not be blurred. In the face of the limitations of our leaders, may we see through them and see God using them, in spite of their human weakness.

In a particular way, each of us is a leader; no matter how young we may be, no matter how powerless we are, we have people under our care. Let us acknowledge our own limitations as leaders and ask God to fill what is lacking in our leadership.

Mt 16:13-20
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