The Beauty And The Beast

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The human body has always been the object of fascination. For many years, artists during the golden years of art have used the naked woman and occasionally men as subjects of painting and sculpture. Michelangelo even studied every muscle, tissue and nerve just to be faithful in his representations of the human form which he so admired and wanted to capture as accurately as possible.

I am sure you will agree with me that indeed the human body is a marvel. Imagine, surgical procedures can be done by deadening the nerves of the affected portion.

The patient can actually go through some repair of any body part without feeling the pain and continue to stay alive in the process. Try that with an engine. You remove any part of an engine and more often than not, the engine will not work, while in process.

I had seen a short feature on television once showing some neurosurgeons working on a man who had terrible seizures or involuntary twitches in the face. He had to go through surgery but they could not give him general anesthesia. The man had to be awake so the attending physicians could tell immediately if his tremors disappeared while they treated the very localized affected portion of his brain. This man was wide awake. I saw him even blinking his eyes and answering the doctors questions. The camera captured the results of the surgery as it happened. It was totally awesome to watch this advancement in science but more awesome and amazing is the fact that the human body can do so much and take so much.

Sadly, the reality of the beauty of the human body has been quite abused. The human body, particularly the woman’s body in its bare essence has been used to sell almost everything and anything from soaps and other body care products to something as far fetched as a car. Now more and more, the woman’s body is being used by movie producers as a bait to make sacks and sacks of money.

Their market: man’s basic instincts. Sadly, what God had created from the earth and breathed life into and shaped into His image and likeness to help man to one day be united with him in his beautiful totality has been reduced to a mere bait, not very different from a worm. The woman’s body, which was especially designed for love and the nurturance of life, has been reduced to a mere form that needs to be shaped with all kinds of creams, lotions, and treatments with the end being the pleasure it can give to the opposite sex.

The way the woman’s body is being packaged does not speak too well of the male human being either. They are considered the target or the market, so to speak, of all this packaging. It seems to imply or it can be assumed that they. are wild animals- that once presented with a tasty-looking piece of raw meat–these “beasts” will grab, bite and tear it to pieces until they are fully satisfied. And later after the appetite has been whet, these “bestial creatures” are ready to hunt for more of these easy preys. The sad part is those who want to make millions of pesos know that if they extended more service and saved the users the time to hunt, they make more millions.

This is tragic. The vessel of the Holy Spirit, the dwelling place of God Himself, has been reduced to a thing. Why do men allow this? If a man knew it was his mother, sister or wife who had to sell her body to be photographed and displayed on centerfolds of magazines, could he really live with himself knowing of this abuse? Could a woman show her child her photograph in the nude and not feel a sense of shame because of this utter misuse and abuse of the female body? What about the effect on the spirit?

The mind is amazingly powerful. Science can only ac. count for a fraction of what the conscious mind can know or handle. What about the extremely potent subconscious which is not completely understood by modern science and perhaps never will be? These images of the human body, presented to the subconscious in such a manner, can be so jarring and so damaging to man’s image of himself. Later, man feels totally lost. “Who am I?” is a question that has led many to total insanity. Yet here we are bombarding the subconscious mind with all these distorted images of man.

They go so deep down into our subconscious that later we do not even understand why we do what we do. At his best, we say man is a rational being. His mind dictates his actions. It is presupposed that this mind is fed all that is true, beautiful and good so that it acts according to its higher nature, according to its reason for being. But if we feed the mind trash, then we cannot expect anything but trash to come out of it. Why then do we wonder why there is so much disorder in this world, when something as basic as the purpose for the human body cannot be fully understood and realized?

When then will we go back to basics and truly look into the purpose of the body and of human life so that we do not lose track of how things ought to be treated according to the plans of the Creator himself? Let us stop acting like “beasts” who are ruled by mere instincts. Let us behave as we were designed by the Great Designer constantly keeping in mind our end of being united with HIM who made us like unto Himself.

Away with smut, away with ‘bomba” movies, away with pictures that harm our conscious minds and do even more damage to our unconscious minds. Humankind is beautiful, body and soul. Let us stop doing harm to either or both.

Let us keep each other integrated and beautiful.

The Beauty And The Beast
Jesus Our Light

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