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Many of our problems in life come from our bad practice of asking the wrong questions. We ask the wrong questions. Therefore, we also get the wrong answers. The first wrong question that the Lord wants to correct is “How many will be saved?” That is a wrong question because the correct question is “How will we be saved?” The Lord does not give us numbers. The Lord shows us the way. We will be saved by entering through the narrow gate.

The next wrong question is “Where is the gate?” It is wrong to ask this because the question is not “where is the gate”. It is like asking “Where is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? There is NO GATE.” The proper question to ask is not “Where is the gate?” but rather, “Who is the gate?” The gate is not a place. The gate cannot be found in the map. The gate is a person – Jesus Christ.

Another wrong question is “What must I do?” It is wrong because what the Lord wants us to ask is “What must I continue doing?” We are a people who are good with the first act but sometimes fail to sustain it through the one hundredth act. We are a people who are good with ribbon cutting and inauguration. But when it comes to sustaining our commitment, that is where we falter.

There are many more wrong questions that have led us to the wrong answers that lead us to frustration. Do not ask how many; rather ask how will we be saved. Do not ask where is the gate; ask who is the gate. Do not ask what must I do; ask rather what must I continue doing.

Let us look into our hearts and ask ourselves, “What are the questions in my heart right now that remain unanswered?” Maybe the source of our pain is the mistake we make of asking the wrong questions in life.

Lk. 13:22-30
Love Like Jesus