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They say that “Time is gold.” And because time is golden, we make schedules. We try to make proper use of our time. So we have schedules to follow and appointments to keep. There are duties to be fulfilled. There is nothing wrong with that.

Do you remember the parable of the Good Samaritan? In this story, there were a priest and a Levite. They were keeping track of their time. The student had a class to attend and the priest had to worship at the temple. So when they saw the wounded man on the road, they said, “I have an appointment, I will be late.” And they couldn’t break that, they couldn’t be late. There is nothing wrong with worshipping. There is nothing wrong with keeping a tight schedule.

And there was Jesus. A young girl, the daughter of an official, had just died. Jesus rushed to her. He was rushing, at least to catch the remaining warmth of the dead body; at least to prevent it from getting cold and stiff. He was on an urgent call.

And yet, on His way, He allowed this appointment to be interrupted by a woman who had been suffering from hemorrhage for 12 years.

I, myself, am conflicted by this attitude of Jesus. This is because we are a people in a rush. Unfortunately, in our haste, we also rush the good things.

Jesus had to do so many good things, but He would never rush. Just imagine the Gospel scenario. He talked to the woman who interrupted His schedule and gave her so much importance as if she was the only person who needed Jesus at that time.

Can we do something like that? Can we interrupt our schedules in such manner? Let us ask God for the grace not to be a captive of our schedules; that we may not fall into the trap of rushing the good things that we need to do.

Mt 9:18
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