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There are many mysteries in life. Two mysteries affect us the most.

The first mystery is the SUFFERING. Why do good people suffer? Why do good people get sick, meet accidents, die in tragedies? On the other hand, why do bad people become successful? Why do some not-so-good people get rich, popular, and powerful? The mystery of suffering is in the Book of Job. Job perhaps epitomizes the mystery of suffering perfectly. Up to now, it is a mystery. Honestly, I don’t know the answer. If I am asked why does God allow good people to suffer? My answer: I don’t know! I only know that even if we suffer, God never leaves us.

The second mystery is the mystery of LOVE. All of us know the experience of loving. Love is not simply blushing or getting excited about a loved one. Love is certainly more than that. The mystery of love as said in the Gospel is that God shows us how to be powerless like a child so that God may show the tenderness of His love for us. The mystery of love says God chooses to be powerless, to be dependent on us, as a sign of His love for us. We usually express love by giving gifts. We usually express love by giving time. We usually express love by giving the best. When God expresses his love, He does it by being powerless, not by being the best. He does it by being weak, not by being the strong one. He does it by being the least, not by being the one with the most. That is the mystery of God’s love. Why does God love like that? Don’t ask too many questions. Just cherish it. When God loves us, it is really a mystery, because no one is deserving of such love.

There are many more mysteries in life. The Lord did not come to answer all the mysteries. The Lord came to give meaning to all those mysteries. Life is not meant to be understood. Do not give in to analyzing suffering or analyzing the anatomy of love because we are going to kill love and we are going to dry up the meaning of suffering. Life is not meant to be understood. Let us just say, “Lord, I believe.”

Lk. 9:46-50
Love Like Jesus