ONLINE EDUCATION SURVEY This Survey initiated by Radio Veritas uses a stratified sample of 1,200 respondents nationwide for a +/- 3% margin of error (gathered through a text-based and online data gathering process) the following information is indicative of the respondents’ experience of their ongoing online classes, inclusive of the dates covering October 5 – November 5, 2020.  Results of which are as follows:

First and foremost the survey generated the following “emotions” the student felt during the course of their online classes: (1) Anxious, (2) Determined, (3) Disappointed, (4) Exhausted, (5) Frustrated, (6) Happy and (7) Sad (note: explanation for each emotion were likewise given by each respondent). Noticeably only 2 emotions (Determined and Happy) were positive emotions compared to the 5 other emotions (Anxious, Disappointed, Exhausted, Frustrated and Sad).


Overall the Top 3 emotions felt by the students were: (1) Exhausted at 34%; (2) Anxious at 30%; and (3) Frustrated at 10%.  This was then followed by Determined at 8%, Disappointed at 7%, Sad at 6% and finally Happy at 5%.  For elementary students the TOP 3 emotions were: (1) Happy at 35%, (2) Exhausted 25%, and (3) Disappointed at 20%.  For High School or Secondary students their TOP 3 emotions were: (1) Exhausted at 49%, (2) Frustrated at 16%, and (3) Disappointed at 10%.  Finally, for the College students in the survey their TOP 3 emotions were: (1) Anxious at 51%, (2) Exhausted at 22%, and (3) Determined at 10%.  In all three Educational Level the common emotional response was being Exhausted.


“Our survey reveals that most of our students see the emotional problems in one’s academic journey but we must likewise help them see the opportunities in these adversities. Life will be unmeaningful if we don’t have ups and downs. We are given problems for us to be stronger, for our skills to be sharpened and for us to be closer to God. We should always remember; problems are just problems and we have a bigger God than all of the burdens that we have in life. We should turn our problem into a blessing that will make you stronger and a better person” (Rev. Fr. Anton CT Pascual, Radio Veritas President and CEO).


On the other hand, Bro. Clifford T. Sorita shares his 8 Beatitude for Online Education to help uplift the emotional quandary of the student respondents of this survey; he explains:


Blessed are those who struggle to study and learn online;

For they will appreciate the value of education.


Blessed are those who cope with their inadequate cyber gadgets;

For they will learn to innovate and compensate.


Blessed are those who frequently catch up with lessons amid slow connectivity;

For they will understand the virtue of patience.


Blessed are those who need to find financial support to pay for their internet load;

For they will discover the importance of a hard-earned income.


Blessed are those who miss face-to-face classes with teachers;

For they will rediscover self-learning and tutoring from parents.


Blessed are those who tussle to find a quiet place for their online classes;

For they will now realize the significance of solitude and silence.


Blessed are those who yearn to share the company of classmates and friends;

For they will recognize the meaning of togetherness when they see each other again.


And, blessed are those who hope that school doors will open once again;

For they will say that, “Online Learning has prepared me for the challenges ahead”.

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