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Moses was a paid shepherd. He was working for his father-in-law. He was not a lawyer, an expert in any trade. He was not a teacher. Moses was an illiterate shepherd. The Gospel speaks of the Kingdom of God being revealed, and the kingdom’s secrets are not revealed to the experts of the law. The secrets of the kingdom are revealed to children, supposedly the ignorant ones, hardly experts in anything.

Our two readings for today give us only one message: the kingdom’s secrets are given to simple people. Nowadays, the trend in human resource recruitment is not only to consider an applicant’s IQ or Intelligence Quotient but also his EQ or Emotional Quotient. This has developed because of the findings that there are people who may be very bright but are very emotionally immature and, therefore, are incapable of dealing with stress, relating to other people, and being effective team members.

If you analyze it, successful people are not necessarily the most intelligent. Successful people are not necessarily those with very high IQs. Successful people are those with high emotional quotient, those who know how to handle stress, and those who relate to people as people, not as things. Those who can relate to people as equals, neither as superiors nor inferiors.

The emotional quotient is what the Lord sees. The emotional quotient of children, the emotional quotient of an illiterate, paid shepherd like Moses. The kingdom’s secrets are revealed to the heart, not the brain.

Let us humbly ask the Lord for the grace to deal with stress, deal with one another, make friends, and constantly build a team according to God’s will for us.

Emotional Output:
Ex 3:1-6, 9-12; Mt 11:25-27
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