Giving up the best and most precious

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The Lord Is My Chef Daily Recipe for the Soul by Fr. Nicanor F. Lalog II
Thursday in the Thirteenth Week in OrdinaryTime, 06 July 2023
Genesis 22:1-19   ><]]]]'> + ><]]]]'> + ><]]]]'>   Matthew 9:1-8
Photo by author, Sacred Heart Novitiate, Novaliches, Quezon City, 20 March 2023.
God our loving Father,
teach me to offer to you,
to give up like Abraham
the most precious
and the best I have in life;
give me that same kind of
faith and trust in you, O God,
that in life, you are the only
most precious and best 
I have in life.
So many times in life,
dear Father, I always question
your will,
your plans,
your instructions
to me;
worst, many times,
I even question and doubt
your goodness to me
and to others like those scribes
who questioned Jesus Christ's
authority to forgive sins.
We have strayed so far from you,
O God; we have believed 
so much in ourselves, 
in our beliefs,
 in our technologies,
 in our strengths
and achievements
as if we are gods like you!
Forgive us, merciful Father;
help us find our way back to you
in your Son Jesus Christ.