The Innocence of the Lamb of God

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My dear Mother, with the affection of your Immaculate Heart, you gazed at your Son in His innocence. You did not need to hear the words of Pilate to convince you of this truth. You knew His innocence better than anyone. But you also knew that His innocent suffering would become the source of salvation for all who would choose to accept this gift.
My dear Mother, I am guilty and deserve the death that your Son unjustly received. I am also eternally grateful for the freedom I have been given from my sins on account of Jesus’ perfect sacrifice.
My innocent Lord, Your sacrifice was perfect and Your willing acceptance of the Cross is the source of salvation for all who will accept it. Give me the grace to open my soul to the gift of Your love and, in turn, to imitate Your innocent suffering by embracing the crosses and injustices that arise in my life’s journey with faith and hope.
Mother Mary, pray for me. Jesus, I trust in You.
Thursday of Third Week of Lent | March 16, 2023

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