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Jimbo’s teacher in piano was to hold a concert and Jimbo was given two tickets for himself and his mother. Before the concert, Jimbo excused himself. His mother reminded him to be back before the start of the program.

When the curtain was already lifted, Jimbo still hadn’t returned. But when the lights went on Jimbo’s mother saw him seated before the piano. She became confused. His teacher did not also know what to make of the incident.

Then Jimbo started to play the piano, stopped and looked at his teacher. The teacher encouraged him to go on. Jimbo again played longer, and then looked at his teacher. The teacher encouraged him further. Jimbo continued to play, and finally the teacher sat beside him and they played the piano together.

It was probably the best part of the concert.

Two thousand years ago, a similar incident happened. This time it was not a concert. It was by the seashore. Peter wanted to make a good catch and Jesus encouraged him to go on. Peter complained that he had been there all night and had not been able to catch fish. Jesus said to him, “Go on. Do not be discouraged. Start again. You are not very far from your goal.”

Do we not realize that very often this happens to us? We give up right when we are only one step from our goal. We grow tired.

We give up simply because we have toiled all night. Then we realize how near we are when we have given up.

The Lord tells us today in the Gospel, “Do not give up, go on and start again. Keep on trying. All the efforts in the past are still worth it. I have led you in the past, I will continue to lead you. Go on, do not be discouraged. You are not very far from your goal.”

We will pray today for that grace. The grace to move on. The grace not to he discouraged. The Lord is simply telling us, “Go On. Start again. Keep on trying, I am with you.”

Lk. 5:1-11
Only Jesus, Always Jesus

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