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The keyword in today’s readings is trust. Trust is very important as it determines how we trust and ends up suspicious, and we do not trust even ourselves. We trust our doctors with our health. I hope you trust your priests with your spiritual life. Parents trust their children, and children trust their parents. Bosses trust their subordinates. Students trust their teachers.

There are different ways of expressing trust. One way is by obeying; another is by opening up without any inhibitions. Today’s readings show us two ways we can build up trust.

The first reading tells us that trust is very important for being able to apologize sincerely. People who do not like to apologize are not necessarily proud. They are perhaps just people who lack trust. They do not trust that the other person will accept their apology and will continue to love them despite their faults.

The second way of expressing trust is to follow the example of a being we trust. Children trust their parents, and they imitate the ways of their parents. Pupils trust their teachers, and they follow the ways of their teachers. The Gospel shows us the same thing. If we trust Jesus enough, we must be ready to follow Him, to the point of being rejected, of carrying the cross.

This is how far we should trust the Lord. Now let us ask ourselves, do we have enough trust to say “I am sorry?” Not being able to say “I am sorry” is not only a matter of pride, but it is also a matter of faith. And is our trust verifiable by our deeds of love, and do we imitate the people we trust? If you don’t, your trust is very shallow.

We have been hurt, we have been betrayed, and our dreams have been shattered. That is why most of us find it difficult to trust. Nevertheless, let us ask the Lord to heal us so that we may learn to trust again, and in trusting again, be happy again.

Bar 1:15-22; Lk 10:13-16
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